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The Morcar Lodge in Alfreton, North Derbyshire is number 8458 on the roll of the Freemasons Lodges of the United Grand Lodge of England.

You will find us a friendly, active and diverse lodge with several planned events during the year which run alongside and  enhance our regular craft meetings. These include a White Table / Charity event in January where family and guests are welcome, Our Haggis or Rabbie Burns Night early February, Ladies Festival in the spring, Summer Barbeque, Curry Nights and others which support our local community such as Remembrance Sunday and Christmas services. More about these on the following pages.

Our members enjoy visiting other lodges, both near and far and often arrange group visits which help to develop our younger brethren and maintain lasting relationships with groups in our expanding community.

We are diligent and deliberate in our aim to maintain the enjoyment and enthusiasm of our members and take to our hearts the principles of Integrity, Respect, Friendship and Service..

Whether you are a member of a Lodge thinking or intending to visit us or a non member just trying to discover what it is all about, we hope you will find this site both interesting and informative and feel happy to contact us if we can help you further..

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