Alfreton Masonic Hall

Morcar Lodge in Alfreton

Of the four Lodges that meet in Alfreton, Morcar Lodge is the youngest and the only one that has always met at the Abraham Lincoln Library building which is situated at the bottom of Derby Road.

The library in Alfreton, together with a church, school, cottages, sports ground and pavilion were gifted to the town by the Watchorn Trust which was set up by Robert Watchorn a native of Alfreton who made his fortune after emigrating to America in 1880. He became Commissioner of Ellis Island where immigrants to America were processed and when he retired, formed the Watchorn Oil & Gas Company making him a very wealthy man. He became a benefactor of the town after his only son Emory was killed in the First World War leaving him without an heir.

There is some doubt whether it ever existed as a library, but it was requisitioned in 1940 by the military authorities, used as a hospital for captured German Officers and was also used by the N.H.S. in its early years. Eventually the Library was bought from the Watchorn Trust in 1971 by Alfreton Freemasons after it had stood empty for a number of years and was falling into disrepair. It still serves as a Masonic Hall and has recently been refurbished to provide much needed dining facilities for its members.