History of the Morcar Lodge

Morcar Lodge was formed on14th June 1972 and is number 8458 on the register of the Grand Lodge of England.

It was named after Morcar who was the Earl of Northumbria during the closing year of Edward the Confessors reign and then during the reign of King Harold. This was around the time of the Norman invasion of England and he was the brother of Ealdgyth, the wife of King Harold. The history of Alfreton is closely linked with Morcar because he was given lands in Alfreton by King Ethelred the Unready in 1011.

He led a very chequered life, first supporting King Harold up to the Norman invasion in 1066 and then William the Conqueror thereafter. At one point he rebelled against William and was imprisoned by him in Normandy, released on the King’s death and then he returned to England only to be imprisoned again in Winchester by William II. At that point he disappeared from the radar and it is believed he eventually died in Winchester prison.